Welcome! I am Jill Fine, and I am the owner and designer of Revolt 144 Accessories. I have loved fashion since I was very young. I had fashion shows for my family at a very young age! Today, I wear lots of hats, and always add a lot of bold and unique jewelry to my outfits.

Accessories have always been my passion when creating my own looks. I think they are the key to every outfit. I never like to look like everyone else and love to make a statement!! I always had trouble finding bold cuffs, belts, and other accessories. That’s why I decided to create my own and started Revolt 144 Accessories. I handmake everything with real leather, vintage finds that I shop for myself, and vintage designer pieces too.

Since surviving lung cancer 4 years ago, I cherish every day and every opportunity, which is another reason I decided to start my own line. It all began in my kitchen during the pandemic and has now expanded to the rest of my house where I handmake all of the accessories with my mom……who says the pandemic was a bad thing?!!

What’s In A Name?

I often get asked where the name Revolt 144 came from. It has very deep meaning for me and I am ready to share it.
Many years ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Cheerleader for the NFL Football Cardinals in St. Louis. At the audition, the first thing they did was weigh me. At 5’ 10” I had never thought about my weight! That number was placed on the top of your application and circled very large. I have never forgotten that weight and circle – 144!!! I was also told I needed to lose weight once I was chosen. I had the time of my life as a Big Red Line Cheerleader, and Dancer, but this story was the start of a life-long battle with Anorexia that included in-patient treatment. It is always there in my mind, but luckily, it no longer controls me all day or stops me from pursuing my dreams. I have revolted against it. Finally Revolt 144!

Creating this business with this name has helped me tremendously. It’s a good
reminder that going through tough things WILL make you stronger. You are strong, you are unique, you are beautiful, and you are brave. I hope wearing Revolt 144 Accessories jewelry makes you feel bold and gives you the confidence to conquer anything life throws your way.